Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #13

Look out, creeps! It's "unlucky" episode #13 of your mother's favorite weekly cult cinema podcast, Junk Food Dinner! While Parker is out traveling these United States, we welcome special guest host Kevin Merryman to the show to engage in some hardcore nerdity.

This week we run the con game on some jive-ass marks in the 1972 crime drama, Trick Baby, based on the book by Iceberg Slim. Then we take a goofy look at outdoor living in the 1985 Troma spoof flick, When Nature Calls. And finally, we get an eyeful of the notoriously so-bad-it’s-good, totally insane, action movie, Samurai Cop from 1989.

Also, we have Nerd News, this week's DVD releases and much more!


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