JFD93: Rollercoaster, The Exterminator, The Forest

Junk Food Dinner has somehow managed to not be shut down by the FBI yet. Rejoice!

First up, Timothy Bottoms plays a young man who's determined to blow up America's amusement parks (unless he's paid the sum of one million dollars) in 1977's disaster-sploitation flick "Rollercoaster." George Segal plays the man who must stop the destruction. Steve Guttenberg, Craig Wasson and Helen Hunt have cameos.

A man returns home to New York from Vietnam to find that his war isn't over. Robert Ginty is "The Exterminator (1980). Ginty seeks gritty revenge after the Ghetto Ghouls hurt his friend.

Finally, some people go camping (by Parker's house!!) only to discover ghost children and cannibalistic hermits in 1982's "The Forest." Who will survive, what will be left of them and who will trip over the huge obvious branch that's in the way? Only time will tell.

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