Junk Food Dinner: Episode #50

Junk Food Dinner returns with historic episode 50. As National Reading Month continues. we'll be taking a look at three films based on the work of Parker's favorite author, Bret Easton Ellis.

First up we get coked up in Los Angeles with Robert Downey, Jr. and Andrew McCarthy in 1987's oddly moral "Less than Zero."

Then we follow the lives of several disconnected (and horny) college students in 2002's star-studded "Rules of Attraction."

Finally, we join everyone's favorite psychopath, Patrick Bateman, as he obsesses over beauty, real estate and eating the brains of hookers in 2000's "American Psycho" starring Christian Bale.


  1. I've never read an Ellis novel, but I think I've seen all the movie adaptations... and hated them all except for American Psycho. I can't believe I even made it through The Informers. I don't doubt that I'd like the books though.

  2. Yeah, the Informers was pretty slow, but Mickey Rourke and Brad Renfro were awesome and their story line was interesting. That flick's still probably better than Less Than Zero, I think.

    American Psycho and Glamorama are the books to read. I absolutely love those books.

  3. Weird, I think of America Psycho as a satire or black comedy or something along those lines.

  4. That's not so much weird as accurate.


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