JFD209: Cheap Thrills, Hooper, Super Inframan

Get into it, Junkies. JFD is back! First up, a wealthy, hip LA couple offer a old friends, Pat Healy and Ethan Embry cash to do exceedingly terrible things in the black comedy from 2014, "Cheap Thrills."

Next, Burt Reynolds is an aging, pill-popping stunt man in 1978's "Hooper." The flick is a semi-autobiographical story directed by Hal Needham ("Body Slam," "Megaforce") and co-stars Sally Field and Adam West.

Finally, the Shaw Brothers bring us China's first superhero in 1975's "Super Inframan." When various underground monsters, demon princesses and skeleton men attack the Earth, only Inframan, a bio-mechanical wonder, can save us.

All this plus witty banter between friends, monster confusion, Nerd News, Blu-rays, giggling, coughing and so much more!

Donloyd Here

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