JFD320: Weekend at Bernie's, Computer Beach Party, Summer School

Welcome, Junkies! The Ghoul Days of Summer are behind us and we look forward to the Cool Days of Summer!

First up, two losers get invited to a company meeting in the Hamptons only to discover that their boss has been murdered in "Weekend at Bernie's" from 1989. Oh, also, they pretend the dead body is still alive so they can hang out in his swanky beach-front home and party with beach babes.

Next, a group of computer-loving party nerds may get their beach taken by a business man. And it may or may not involve buried treasure in 1987's "Computer Beach Party." It does, however, involve line dancing.

Finally, a teacher has to guide a crew of misfits through English class in "Summer School" from 1987. This HBO staple has a rad supporting cast featuring Shawnee Smith, Dean Cameron, Kelly Jo Minter and Kirstie Alley.

All this plus Nerd News, DVDs, Junk Mails, Sweetman, an homage to Banshee Jams' "Food Court" called "Snacks Talk," Godzilla chat, Kevin and Sean saw a bunch of new movies and so much more!

Direct Donloyd

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