JFD298: Winterbeast, A Simple Plan, Breakheart Pass

Well folks, we're officially in the icy grip of winter, so why not embrace the cold by partying with your Junk Food Dinner bros and three winter-themed movies.

Up first is the low-budget regional horror flick Winterbeast from 1992. This strange piece of straight-to-video history was shot over the course of several years and features stop-motion monster madness, a dildo that no one acknowledges, more plaid than you can shake a stick at and a truly disturbing scene featuring a clown mask, a children's record and some corpses. Also, despite this film's title and cover art, it doesn't actually take place during winter.

Next, we discuss A Simple Plan from 1998. No, not that shitty pop-punk band, the Sam Raimi flick starring Bill Paxton, Bridget Fonda and William Robert Thornton about a group of small town folk who find a bag of money in a crashed airplane and decide to keep it. But like a Biggy song come to life, mo' money means mo' problems and shit gets real.

And finally, Charles Bronson is a prisoner with a secret being transported on train filled with Civil War soldiers, but things quickly escalate when people start ending up dead in Breakheart Pass from 1975.

All this plus witty banter between friends, Parker avoiding illness, Kyle from Kentucky, a caller obsessed with numerals, Nerd News & Blu-ray Picks, movies inspired by t-shirts, defense of Sam Raimi's middle period, Mexican Ozzy, continued lack of police involvement and so much more!


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