JFD223: Cannibal Holocaust, Come and See, The Untold Story

It's our second and final Ghoul Summer episode of the year and we're joined by Ghoul Godfather, Mike Dikk (of Kissing Contest) to discuss 3 movies he picked.

First, a professor goes deep into the Amazon to track down his missing documentarian students. But he only finds their footage and the grisly atrocities contained therein in 1980's Cannibal Holocaust. The flick, directed by Ruggero Deodato basically invented the Found Footage genre.

Next, a young Russian boy finds a gun and joins the army to fight back against the Nazis during World War II in 1985's "Come and See." It's a movie widely regarded as one of the best movies ever made.

Finally, Police Academy -esque bungling cops hunt a madman doing nefarious things in his restaurant in 1993's "The Untold Story."

All this plus witty banter between ghouls, Orion: The Comic-Con Correspondent, Turtles and their cool bodies, Nerd News, Blu-rays, Being a "cost-effective" ghoul, the podcast gold rush and so much more!

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