JFD269: Accion Mutante, Capt. America 2: Death Too Soon, Moonstalker

Junk Food Dinner returns with three movies no one has ever heard of!

First, a Spanish movie that really hasn't been made available in America much: 1993's Accion Mutante. The flick, directed by Álex de la Iglesia (Witching and Bitching) is about a group of deformed terrorists who are bent on destroying all of the future's beauty.

Next, Reb Brown returns as Parker's favorite super hero in "Captain America 2: Death too Soon" (1979). This made-for-tv movie co-stars Christopher Lee (RIP) as a terrorist who wants to make the people of Portland, Oregon super old (seriously).

Finally, campers who are really into whips and hamburgers run afoul of a serial killer in the mountains of Nevada. It's Moonstalker from 1989. It's a slasher. People get slashed.

All this plus Nerd News, Norman Bates' re-enactment of "Leave it to Parker" (or something), Cory from IllCon comes original with a new Sean Byron song, many more Sean Byron songs, Kevin insults Parker's favorite movie, Kyle from Kentucky, FilmThreat Chat, Nerd News, DVDs and more!

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