JFD245: SuperChick, Two-Lane Blacktop, Scotland PA

We explore the 70s this week with 3 wacky movies about everyone's favorite decade where the American Dream died a slow death.

First, a foxy young stewardess with a black belt in karate has boyfriends in Miami, NYC, Dallas and LA. How does she juggle them all? And how sexy are the results? We find out in 1973's "SuperChick." John Carradine shows up briefly as an old pervert who's into bondage, so watch out for that.

Next, James Taylor, his stoner mechanic and a hitchhiker hit the open road in "Two Lane Blacktop" from 1971. Warren Oates shows up as a habitual liar and challenges the trio to a race across Route 66. The flick is directed by Monte Hellman of "Silent Night Deadly Night 3" fame.

Finally, Shakespeare's MacBeth gets updated to be about a hamburger joint in 1970's Pennsylvania in "Scotland, PA." Christopher Walken is a detective, Amy Smart and Andy Dick are witchy hippies and murder and madness taint the entire diner.

All this plus witty banter between friends, Nerd News, Sad Nerd News, our Junky DVD picks for the week, Sean slowly disperses his Arizona secrets, The Holy Trinity of JFD Callers, Parker feeling #Blessed that Kevin makes him feel not-alone in disliking a movie and so much more!

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  1. Has Parker talked about "Clayton Miller No Shit 2012" yet?

    1. We're all gonna talk about it on Ep. 248! It's gonna be All Real.


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