Junk Food Dinner: From the Vault #1- Jay Woelfel

Many moons ago, we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with writer/director/composer/etc. Jay Woelfel. We had discussed his film "Beyond Dreams Door" on Episode #23, and after a great many technical issues- we're proud to finally present this interview! Mr. Woelfel has been directing films since the late 80's and shows no signs of stopping. His most recent output are 2 films (Season of Darkness/Closed for the Season) both shot in our old/current stomping grounds in The Heart of it All. His other works include Ghost Lake, Live Evil, and Trancers 6. He currently resides in Los Angeles and is probably wondering why this has taken to long to post online.

Look for more of his films on upcoming episodes of Junk Food Dinner!

Direct Download Here.

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