Junk Food Dinner 54

The kids return with the second of their Listener Appreciation shows, wherein three movies suggested by the listeners are examined.

First up, we take a look at the Canadian Heavy Metal, "Rock & Rule," an animated rock & roll story about weird mouse people caught in a Faustian plot from 1983. The flick features music by Lou Reed, Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop.

Then we get caught up in a journey to Lost Vegas in the retro, post-apocalyptic "Six-String Samurai," starring an annoying little kid and The Red Elvises, from 1998.

Finally, everything gets really weird and erotic in 1989's surreal, expressionist "Dr. Caligari," from the team of Stephen Sayadian (a.k.a. porn director Rinse Dream) and Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight, Alf, Night Dreams).

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  1. Finally, an ELM-CHANTED FOREST reference! I've waited too long...but seriously they must have sold that at supermarkets and General Dollar or someplace, because that's got to be one of the most commonly found non-Disney animated VHS tapes out there, second only maybe to PINOCCHIO AND THE EMPEROR OF THE NIGHT. It's like always finding those damn Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass albums when flipping through vinyl LPs at thrift stores, I mean who listened to that stuff? Apparently, everyone in the world did.

    Oh yeah, and you guys suck, ROCK & RULE is awesome! Your Mom was a reject from A GOOFY MOVIE.......cause it's a fucking masterpiece! I love it, seriously. And STARCHASER's good, but R&R is better, at least the animation is. Have you guys seen TIME MASTERS, LIGHT YEARS (GANDAHAR), THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD, CAT CITY, FELIX THE CAT: THE MOVIE or RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY: A MUSICAL ADVENTURE? And then there's the Japanese.

    Actually, all of Nelvana's pre-R&R made-for-TV half-hour specials are awesome too! Those 2 NELVANAMATION VHS tape collections still go for high dollar. I only wish they were able to keep doing their own independent projects, instead of being turned into a farmed-out animation house for cheap Saturday morning TV jobs, which is what happened after R&R flopped from bad promotion/releasing.

    Also, I watched SIX-STRING SAMURAI back when it was first released, having read about it in a magazine I remember, but I thought it was too much of a wanna-be tailor-made cult film for it's own good. Too much post-modern cherry-picked pastiche self-awareness. I wanted to really like it, 50's R&R post-apocalyptic and all, but it was just ok I guess.


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