JFD256: Sisters, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out

JFD is back and still riding high off our 5-year anniversary we decide to take it up a notch by inviting none other than Cory from the world famous Illogical Contraption radio show to come on and party with us! And party we shall, because this episode is no regular-ass episode, oh no. Tonight we explore some early films from one of the masters of suspense Mr. Brian De Palma!

Up first, Margot Kidder is a French-Canadian living in New York. When she appears on a hidden camera game show with Lisle Wilson, the two go out on a date. But she's carrying a dark secret involving her twin sister which leads to murder. But when her neighbor across the street (Jennifer Salt) witnesses the murder, the race is on to figure out just what the hell is going on in Sisters from 1973.

Then, Angie Dickinson is a frustrated MILF living with her husband and son. But after a random hook-up at an art museum, she is murdered in an elevator by a mysterious "woman". It's then up to her shrink (Michael Caine), her son (Keith Gordon), a cop (Dennis Franz) and a hooker (Nancy Allen) to figure out just what the hell is going on in Dressed to Kill from 1980.

And finally, John Travolta is a sound engineer for crummy b-movies (you know, like the ones we cover on this podcast), but when he's out one night recording sound effects, he witnesses a car drive off the road and into a stream. After saving the girl inside (Nancy Allen) he finds out that the guy driving the car was a potential presidential candidate and it's up to him, Nancy Allen and Dennis Franz to figure out just what the hell is going on in Blow Out from 1981.

All this plus witty banter between friends, the return of Grandpa, penis enhancement chat, cute little butts, Nerd News and Blu-rays/DVDs, absolute confidentiality, Hithcock comparisons galore, the Memphis Maniac, RoboTech pajamas, continued lack of police involvement and a whole lot more!


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