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Junk Food Supper 8: Badlands

  Sean's on a mission this week to find a five-star Bowman pick, and his attempt to wow Parker is BADLANDS (from 1973)! It's that classic Terrence Malick flick where Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek are on the run from the law and on the hunt for "drip gas." Will his pick blow away a Bowman? Or will he be nonplussed?! But before that! Inspired by the Crenshaw Cowboy, we do a commentary for his debut starring role in THE GREAT AMERICAN MUD WRESTLE (2018)! So #DonloydNow and enjoy this bite-sized Junk Food Supper. We got all this plus the Kelly Slater surf ranch report, Nic Refn's weird Amazon show, very brief Wrestlechats, inside gossip from behind the news desk, things that Quentin Tarantino says on his podcast, Parker's living room mud-wrestling, Sean's high-school jello-wrestling, The Great American Mud Wrestling, denim on denim, bean dip tattoos, post-war bliss, blurps, bleeps, bloops and "also" so much more!! D

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