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JFD494: Night Tide, Tales of the 3rd Dimension, The Head Hunter

Welcome back, kiddies! We have three tales of madness, obsession and grandmothers this week! First, Dennis Hopper is a sailor who meets a woman who may or may not be a killer -- and she may or may not be a mermaid! It's Curtis Harrington's "Night Tide" from 1961. Next, a Rod Serling skeleton introduces three "chilling" tales -- and they're all in three dimensions! It's "Tales of the Third Dimension" from 1984! Finally, a medieval viking type guy devotes his life to revenge on the monster that killed his daughter in "The Head Hunter" from 2019 directed by Jordan Downey of "Thankskilling." All this plus Warhammer shaming, DVDs, Nerd News, the evil is defeated, junk mails, Kyle from Kentucky, a new spin-off show?, Spookies is finally on blu ray and so much more!Direct Donloyd Got a movie suggestion for the show, or better yet an opinion on next week's movies? Drop us a line at Or leave u…

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