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JFD491: Junkman, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Team America: World Police

Junk Food Dinner! Fuck yeah! We're back with three wacky and exciting Patreon-friend-picked movies this week! First, a film maker is chased by assassins ... and that's pretty much it in "The Junkman." Next, a documentary crew follows a small-town beauty pageant that may end in murder in "Drop Dead Gorgeous." Finally, a group of dicks have to fuck a bunch of assholes -- that is if the pussies will let them in "Team America: World Police." All this plus Nerd News, DVDs, Shelby Cobras updates, Parker's mic is a little hot, Dr. Sleep chat, Godzilla chat, Invisible Mens and so much more!Direct Donloyd here. Remember, if you want to pick our movies (or listen to dozens of bonus episodes) then you can find us at

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