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JFD440: Deadlier than the Male, To Live and Die in LA, Fudoh: the New Generation

We're back with another round of flicks chosen by our Patreons. And this time, Mark's with us, too! First, Dick Johnson stars in a James Bond rip off wherein he's tasked with finding sexy assassins in "Deadlier than the Male." Next, law enforcement agents are on the hunt for counterfeiter Willem Dafoe in William Friedkin's "To Live and Die in LA." Finally, schoolboy by day, yakuza boss by night in Takashi Miike's "Fudoh: The New Generation." All this, plus Rikishi Mike, ZebraMan Chat, Sean is going on Vacation, Who likes Venom? DVDs, Nerd News, Stan Lee Chat and like 4 other things!Donloyd Here Got a movie suggestion for the show, or better yet an opinion on next week's movies? Drop us a line at Or leave us a voicemail: 347-746-JUNK (5865). Add it to your telephone now! JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

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