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JFD470: Hansel & Gretel, The Making of Thriller, The Great Space Jam

We're back with a round of weird ass short films this week. First, we delve into a Tim Burton deep cut with one of his first films, "Hansel & Gretel" which was shown once or maybe twice on the Disney Channel and never screened for human eyes ever again. In it, Hansel and Gretel are Japanese and run afoul of a witch. Next, a behind the scenes look at a defining moment of the '80s -- "The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller." In this, the King of Pop and the director of "The Stupids" make a scary commercial for the biggest album of all time. Finally, an evil space queen looks to take over Earth so she can have an outdated URL in "The Great Space Jam." This wacky movie was made in 48 hours by the RedLetterMedia dudes. All this, plus Fruit Chat, DVDs, Nerd News, Milkshake Chat, Nice voicemails, Straw Chat, other types of chat and so much more chat!Direct Donloyd Got a movie suggestion for the show, or better yet an op…

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