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JFD457: Heavyweights, It's Sleazy, American Hardcore

Prepare to be castrated in outer space, scumdogs! Junk Food Dinner is celebrating GWARch this year the only way we know how: with our good friend Travis Olgin of the world-famous GWARCast! It's a sleazy one.
Up first! Way back in the pre-9/11 days of yore, there was a movie called Heavyweights from 1995. A surprisingly high quotient of likable character actors (including Jerry Stiller), soon-to-be-famous comedic actors (like Kenan Thompson), and pre-fame super-scribes (Judd Apatow & Paul Feig), plus Skinny Weiner jokes pop up in this Disney-produced Ben Stiller kids movie about a fat camp. Don't worry about the title, it's just a single entendre.
Next up! It's GWAR's Jerry-Springer-esque talk show parody / simulated snuff film It's Sleazy, from the year 2000. Have you ever wanted to see a man chop off his skinny weiner on stage in front of a crowd of half-rate werewolfmen? We've got the video for you! Also: feat Slymenstra Hymen.

Finally! It's …

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