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JFD483: Calamity of Snakes, The Rapeman, Orozco the Embalmer

The listeners demanded it, so here we are, back for another round of Ghoul Summer just in time to close out the season with three more disgusting and twisted slices of cinematic depravity.

Up first, a Chinese film about greedy land developers who kill thousands of snakes while building a luxury apartments only to unleash a curse of snakes that plagues them with piles of serpents at every turn in Calamity of Snakes from 1982.

Then, we get the charming tale of a Japanese superhero who is hired to get revenge for his clients by raping their female targets in The Rapeman from 1994, based off the manga and anime of the same name.

And finally, we get a grimy glimpse into the life of an embalmer in Columbia as he slices up bodies on a daily basis in the super-ghoulish documentary Orozco the Embalmer from 2001.

All this plus discussion on when Halloween season begins, voicemails defending Sweetman's honor, Nerd News, this week's hottest blu-rays, spirited debate about what is satire…

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