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JFD586: JFDTV 2021

Once again, we switch things up a bit, take a break from movies and instead resurrect the ghost of MTV past by watching a bunch of old music videos!  Up first, Kevin picks a handful of music videos featuring things such as stop-motion rock 'n roll dinosaurs, glowing-eyed choir boys who can fly, Rudy Ray Moore, Schlitzy and so much more! Then, Parker mixes some pop-punk nostalgia with some spooky videos to get in the Halloween mood featuring donkey love, food fights, spider-walking and of course, The Crypt Keeper.  And finally, Sean takes us in a different direction picking several musical clips from European TV shows featuring Tron suits, Iggy Pop, robot dancers, Grace Jones and creepy jesters.  (If you'd like to watch these videos with us, check out the previous blog posts for video versions of these segments!)  All this plus Sean's YouTube troubles, Parker's Madonna binge, Kevin's continued adventures at the drive-in, Elvira talk, Lost Boys news, the Puffnstff

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