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JFD465: The Pink Chiquitas, Raising Cain, Full Contact

Oh man, Junkies, we're back with another wacky week of random-ass films from the back isles of some forgotten video store.

Up first, Frank Stallone plays the son of a recently deceased private eye who is on the run from the Mexican mob. When he finds himself in the small town of Beamsville, the whole town is engrossed by a pink meteor that has landed in the town and is causing all the women to become sex-crazed Amazonians in The Pink Chiquitas from 1987.

Then, John Lithgow plays an oncologist with multiple personalities who is killing women and kidnapping children in a plot cooked up by his father (who may or may not also be a figment of his imagination) in Brian De Palma's Raising Cain from 1992.

And finally, Chow Yun-Fat and Anthony Wong play a couple of low-level criminals who join up with a trio of eccentric and sadistic thugs to pull off one last big heist. The punches, bullets and explosions are plentiful in the over-the-top Full Contact from 1992.

All this plus witty b…

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