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JFD479: Angela, the Fireworks Woman, Schramm, Funny Games (2007)

It's the grossest time of the year and we've got three movies of variable ghoulishness and perhaps the most divisive Ghoul Summer -- or JFD -- movie of all time. First, after "Last House," Wes Craven stars in and (probably) directed this porn flick about an incestuous brother/sister duo, the drugs they enjoy, the priesthood and Satan in "Angela, the Fireworks Woman." Next, from the director of "Nekromantic" comes an equally edgy tale of a German serial killer's death dream, mutilated genitals, bloody underpants and so much more in "Schramm." Finally, Oscar-winning director Michael Heneke's remake of his own film: Funny Games. In this 2007 version, two nice young boys play humorous and violent games with a privileged family for their own -- but mostly the audience's -- amusement. All this plus Nerd News, DVDs, Junk Mails, Tom Cruise Apologies, Cookie Chat, Are Crybabies also Warheads?, Playing the tape back, did Justi…

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