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JFD510: Tenement, Akira, Max Hell: Frog Warrior

Ten years of podcasting and ten lifetimes of social distancing measures can't slow down our stride. This week, your JFD pals get right back into the business of gabbing about 3 weird & wild flicks each week. And how weird and wild they are this week... It's Decade TWO of JFD!
Up first! We pull the old sleaze-switcharoo and highlight a surprisingly ghoulish exploitation flick, 1985's Tenement, directed by Roberta Findlay (a porno directing lady)! This low-budget thriller features the exploits of an over-the-top group of gang members terrorizing the denizens of a tenenment. It's got electrified mattresses, racial stereotypes, synth music and old boxes of Quaker Oats! Rated X for Action! Not suggested for squares.
Next up! Y'all ever seen 1988's Akira? Surprisingly, not all of us have! Long-time listeners have been known to marvel at the surprising fact that known Anime Enthuisiast Kevin Moss has avoided it, but what's Bowman's excuse? Listen alo…

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