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JFS44: RollerGames (1989)

  Strap on the skates and get ready for alligator combat, we're rolling straight over the wall of death and into 1989's debut episode of Roller Games (the sports craze that's sort of like Roller Derby but not at all like Roller Derby). But first! We chat all about all the movies made by our sadly recently departed hero, Roger Corman. So #DonloydNow and enjoy this bite-sized Junk Food Supper. We got all this plus hacking the dick-hole, Music League collusion at large, New Japanese Wrasslers in the Ol' US of A, a surprise doorbell in the background of the episode (listen for it), Parker also witnesses sweaty men, Parker and Sean compare their Roger Corman Metrics, a sad lack of junkmails, the technicalities of roller derby rules and regulations, belches, sneezes, gleeks and so much more!! Direct Donloyd Here Got a movie suggestion for the show, or better yet an opinion on next week's movies? Drop us a line at JFDPodcast@gmail

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