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JFD406: Night of the Juggler, Fade to Black, Annihilation

Strange fellows discuss strange films in these strange times, this week, on the show. It's an odd mixture of weird characters, locales, and activities, chronicled audiovisually for our digestion, which then spurs some unusual opinions and interactions between our hosts. This kind of bizarre event is not considered to be a regular occurence, and must not be missed.
First up: what is a Night of the Juggler, from 1980? It's an off-the rails NYC child-abduction action-thriller starring James Brolin and that dude from the Angel movies. You know the dude.

And then! You gotta hear about the time we reviewed Fade to Black, also from 1980. It's got that kid from Breaking Away, except this time he's a movie-obssessed creep with a murderous streak. He kind of reminds us of Wayne.

Finally! You'd better believe we're reviewing Annihilation, the new Alex Garland sci-fi flick from 2018. We never claimed we'd review anything else. Never in a week where a N…

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