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JFD419: Police Story, Sonantine, GetEven aka Road to Revenge

We got three movies picked by Patreon buddies this week! First, Jackie Chan directs and stars as a tough cop up against mall-dwelling bad guys in "Police Story" from 1985. Next, Yakuza guys hit the beach in 1993's "Sonantine." Finally, a former cop fights Satanists in "GetEven (aka Road to Revenge)" from 1993. All this, plus we get sued, other options, Wayne calls in, DVDs, Nerd News, Michael Myers, sand and how it gets everywhere, complete story arcs and so much more!Donloyd Here Got a movie suggestion for the show, want to give your hot takes on a movie we talked about or just want to tell us Wayne sucks? Drop us a line at Or leave us a voicemail: 347-746-JUNK (5865). Add it to your telephone now!

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