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JFD519: Boat People, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Just One of the Girls

Terrifying times like these require everyone to stand up against oppression and do their part. But eventually, you're going to need some sort of distraction from all of the good we hope you're doing. So here's some meaningless chatter about three weird movies for y'all.
Up first! George Lam and Andy Lau feature in this 1982 Chinese New Wave meditation on the end of the Vietnam War, from the perspective of a Japanese photojournalist visiting Vietnam's "New Economic Zones." A semi-ghoulish pan-asian post-war drama, Boat People's yet to see an United States home video release, but maybe you'll wanna see it on YouTube?
Next up! We KNOW that y'all have seen Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988! It's her first movie, the one where she parties with a bunch of Groundlings in Fallwell, MA. Not the later one with the castle or whatever that was. This is the good stuff.

Finally! It's a third film: Just One of the Girls (1993), a Canadian …

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