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JFD466: A Trip to the Moon, Arcade Attack: Silver Ball Heroes vs. Video Invaders, Geometria, Trancers: City of Lost Angels

What's up, shorties? This week's menu features some well done bits of abbreviated cinema, a medium amount of technical glitches, and other rare occurences - including but not limited to the appearance of our Brother Mark Freado, the inclusion of a fourth film on the show, and most shockingly: two colons. That's right - this month's SHORT FILMS episode of JFD is here and ready to blow (those two colons)!
Up first! Way back in the pre-9/11 days of yore, there was a charming and talented Frenchman named Georges Méliès. Way back around the turn of the century (no, that other century), this guy had the smart idea to throw the still-new-as-a-literary-genre concepts of Science Fiction up onto the silver screen. The result (among several hundred more) is of course 1902's A Trip to the Moon! Will this be the oldest movie JFD ever reviews? It seems likely. Watch here first and then listen along with us!

Next up! It's the rarely-discussed 1982 British semi-documenta…

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