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JFD487: Witchery, Dead Heat, Leprechaun Returns

This week, we're getting spooked & scared & sleepy (???), all courtesy of our pals from the Dom Deluise Patreon Club. We've let these fine folks choose three Schlocktober features for us to chat about, and we deliver on that promise!
Up first! Y'all remember the La Casa series of horror films, right? Not so much an actual series of films but instead a marketing ploy that involved selling unrelated fright flicks to an unwitting Italian public, the series includes entries from the Evil Dead and House franchises at various points in time. Our feature this week, Witchery (aka La Casa 4: Witchcraft) from 1988, has no actual relation to those franchises, but does feature a scary house in Scituate, MA. It's also got Linda Blair, David Hasselhoff, and a witch!
Next up! Way back in 1988, New World Pictures tried to sneak a hyper-violent zombie horror/comedy past our noses by burying it inside a buddy-cop film called Dead Heat, with Joe Piscopo and Treat "Gotta …

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