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JFD550: That Man From Rio, The Rift, China O'Brien

JFD is back and this week, it's action packed! Alright, maybe not packed. In fact, there's some pretty boring parts in all these movies. But still, there's definitely some action in there!  Up first, Sean tries to convince Parker that the French can be cool by exhibiting That Man From Rio from 1964. An action-adventure film directed by Philippe de Broca and starring Jean-Paul Belmondo (the same team that brought us Le Magnifique ), its about a guy on military leave and the daughter of a murdered man who go on adventure to Brazil to find some stolen ancient statues that could hold the secret to a lost treasure.  Next, we have The Rift from 1990, the tale of a crew of a submarine who go looking for the crew of another submarine mission who have gone missing, but when they discover a secret experiment and a whole lot of weird ocean-dwelling creatures, things begin to go wrong real quick.  And finally, we have martial artist Cynthia Rothrock in her first starring role in

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