JFS48: Aztecaser (1976)


Strap on your lucha mask and hop on the next flight to Narita, because we're reviewing Aztecaser (the 1976 pro-wrestling themed Japanese sci-fi action show!). But first! But first! Parker and Sean chat about movies starring pro wrestlers and some of their favorites!

Recorded and edited while partially infected with the novel Coronavirus! A true historical document of the times! Is it still Covid-19 when it's 2024?

So #DonloydNow and enjoy this bite-sized Junk Food Supper. We got all this plus Parker's adventures at the local multiplex, braided beards, shirtless podcasting season, Sean's adventures streaming on his couch, man versus coyote, vocational wrestling in cinema, Parker reveals his favorite Robin Hood (off-handedly), Parker's thoughts on Jodie Foster's Beaver, belches, sneezes, gleeks and so much more!!

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