JFD323: Freaks, Scarface, King Kong

Say there, gents and dames! Do you like adventure, excitement and drama? Do you like gangsters, apes and freaks?! Well, JFD's got something for you this week, on our 10-week long trip through the decades as we venture into the 1930's.

Up first, a trapeze artist pretends to be in love with a little person while performing in a traveling circus. But when she and her true lover, a strong man, are exposed, every freak in the sideshow teams up to get revenge in Tod Browning's Freaks from 1932.

Then, in Prohibition-era Chicago, an ambitious but ill tempered gangster (Paul Muni) tries to exert his power and control over the booze runnin' bid-ness and try to suppress weird feelings about his sister in 1932's Scarface directed by Howard Hawks.

And finally, an ambitious filmmaker takes his crew and a young actress into the jungle to find Skull Island. But when they stumble upon a tribe of natives who worship a giant ape,  the make a plan to bring the beast back to the US and make a fortune, but as I'm sure you already know, things don't go exactly as planned in King Kong from 1933.

All this plus witty banter between friends, Parker in vacation mode, gross mouth puss stories, Sean's complete dental history, unintelligable Linklater reviews, rants against masculinity from the director of Predator, Nerd News and blu-ray picks, continued lack of police involvement and a whole lot more!


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