JFD81: Messiah of Evil, Dead Alive, Shaun of the Dead

Darkness falls across the land, and Junk Food Dinner is close at hand! We're deep into Schlocktober as, this week, we put our disembodied heads together and discuss three films about the living dead.

Up first, a coastal town hold a dark secret for a young woman in search of her father. William Huyck & Gloria Katz, the team behind American Graffiti, Howard the Duck, and more, craft a hallucinogenic, nightmarish tale of deception and the occult in the 1973 film - Messiah of Evil!

Then we learn that (fake) blood is thicker than water when becoming a zombie is a family affair. Certainly one of the messiest entries in the zombie canon, 1992's Dead Alive (aka: Braindead) from director Peter Jackson!

Finally, the laughs (and cringes) keep coming as we take a look at a subject near and dear to our hearts - slackers in their late twenties coming to terms with life and the afterlife. Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead from 2004 wraps up year two of our salute to the lumbering brain-eaters we all know and love!

All this plus delicious internal organs, witty banter between friends, listener feedback, Nerd News, DVD & Blu-ray releases, and so much more!

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  1. I can't get this episode to download. Is the link broken?


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