JFD166: Punk Rock Eats Its Own, The Worst Witch, Wild at Heart

The Randomizer 5000 picked our movies this week. Whether we like it or not.

First, Punk Rock Eats its Own: A Film About Face to Face. We chat about this 2006 documentary charts the career of the So-Cal punk band that made their name during the '90s punk explosion.

Next, baby Fairuza Balk stars in the made-for-tv nostalgia trip "The Worst Witch" from 1986. You probably know about this movie either from childhood or from Tim Curry signing a dumb song about dogs turning into cats.

Finally, we look at David Lynch's acclaimed 1990 surreal road trip flick "Wild at Heart." Nic Cage and Laura Dern star as two young lovers, running away from their parents and the law while running into various skeezy weirdos.

Direct Donloyd

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