JFD85: Stacey, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Guns

Get ready for girls, guns, bullets and bombs as Junk Food Dinner fills your Thanksgiving with a cornucopia sleazy mayhem when we pay tribute to the king of late-night cable T&A action trash, Andy Sidaris.

Up first we take a look at Mr. Sidaris' first film, Stacey from 1974. This perplexing piece of early 70's exploitation fare sets the formula for all future Sidaris flicks; tropical settings, gorgeous women kicking ass, plenty of gratuitous nudity, gun battles and explosions. Stunning Playboy Playmate Anne Randall plays the titular Stacey, a private detective hired by the wealthy matriarch of a dysfunctional family to see who is worthy of her fortune.

Next, a little something for everybody; sexy DEA agents, stolen diamonds, cancerous snakes, skateboarding assassins, bazookas and a deadly Frisbee in the Sidaris masterpiece Hard Ticket to Hawaii from 1987. This goofy action flick stars Sidaris-mainstays Donna Speir and Hope Marie Carlton along with soap opera star Ronn Moss and kick boxer Harold Diamond, hot on the trail of a gang of evil crime lords in the Aloha State. Suffice to say, many breasts are bared and many things get blown up.

And finally, Erik Estrada joins the party as a South American gunrunner who hires a couple of bumbling assassins to take out Donna Speir and her sexy friends, only to find out that these ladies aren't going out without a fight in the awesomely titled Guns from 1990. Along with more Sidaris favorites like Roberta Vasquez and Cynthia Brimhall, this movie also features future Machete star Danny Trejo.

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