JFD141: Phantasm, Bubba Ho Tep, John Dies at the End

This week, we celebrate Don Coscarelli by gushing about (mostly) three of his flicks.

First, a boy discovers that weird things are afoot when a Tall Man moves into town in Phantasm from 1979. This massively influential indie flick took in big box office receipts during its initial run and has spawned three sequels and a rabid fandom.

Next, two elderly men must protect their hospice from an ancient, soul-sucking mummy in 2002's Bubba Ho-Tep. Starring Bruce Campbell. Oh, and the two men in question may or may not be Elvis and JFK.

Finally, two slacker pals must save the world in the highly anticipated movie based on David Wong's cult book "John Dies at the End." The movie co-stars Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti.

All this plus witty banter between friends, soundboard antics, lots of Mark's clicky pen, Junk (voice)Mails, DVD & Blu-ray releases, Nerd News and so much more!

Direct Donloyd, Boy!

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  1. Nice, three movies that I've already seen! That said, my favorite Cos flick has got to be The Beastmaster, so kinda bummed it's not being featured on the show, especially since I just saw JDATE the other day... and was not super impressed. I'm guessing the book was better. It seems like it would be one of those stories that really relies on vivid descriptions and clever wordplay to convey the crazy shit going down. Kinda hard to translate to the screen sometimes. Interested to hear what you fellas thought about it. I already know you all fucking love Phantasm and half of Bubba Ho-Tep.

  2. Yeah, we really wanted to do Beastmaster too, but we wanted to span Don's entire career and these seemed like the obvious choices. But we'll likely get to Beastmaster eventually.


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