JFD110: Demolition University, Bloodsuckers from Outer Space, Killer Workout

Junk Food Dinner Assemble!!

First up this week, Corey Haim returns as tough Bronx youth Lenny Slater in 1999's "Demolition University." Once again, Slater must stop terrorists from destroying his school. Robert Forster and Ami Dolenz costar.

Then, a small Texas town becomes ground zero for mindless zombies in "Bloodsuckers from Outer Space" from 1984. This horror/sci fi/comedy is an homage/spoof of low budget 50s flicks.

Finally, a slasher is stalking a fitness gym in 1987's "Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide.)" David A. Prior writes and directs this horror/action hybrid.

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  1. Oh hell Clownhouse is on the next ep... that poor kid. The movie is made all the creepier from knowing what that sick bastard Salva did to him during filming.

  2. Have you guys seen this?



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