JFD247: Firecracker, Meridian, Fatal Games

This episode of Junk Food Dinner has it all! Kung fu, nudity, monsters and javelins through the chest!

Up first we take a look at Firecracker (AKA Naked Fist) from 1981.Produced by Roger Corman and starring Jillian Kesner (Raw Force) as a karate expert who travels to the Philippines in search of her missing sister, this quick-paced exploitation flick features kung fu, heroin dealers, nudity and gore (plus a sweet lifted soundtrack from Shogun Assassin).

Then, Charles Band brings us a softcore straight-to-video R-rated retelling of Beauty & the Beast, with Meridian from 1990. The always lovely Sherilyn Fenn plays a young descendant of royalty, visiting her family's castle in Italy. When her and her friend are drugged and raped by a gang of traveling carnies, Sherilyn Fenn begins to have strange feelings for the leader of the carny gang, who also happens to transform into a beast from time to time.

Finally, we take a look at the often-overlooked slasher flick Fatal Games from 1984. A group of promising young student athletes are being mysteriously murdered by a hooded figure with a javelin. Who could be responsible for these killings? Is it one of the 'roided up athletes? The team doctor gone mad with power? The lecherous coach? Tune in and find out.

All this plus witty banter between friends, cereal talk, American Sniper speculations, Junk Mail from Down Under, Bill Cosby jokes and so much more!


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