JFD190: Audition, El Topo, Superstarlet A.D.

With our first (annual?) ME-VEMBER in the rear view, we venture bravely onwards with one of the strangest trio of flicks ever covered on Junk Food Dinner! It's going to be a long, strange trip; be sure to pack an appropriate quantity of heavy doobies.

First up, we tackle Takashi Miike's critically-lauded ghoul movie Audition from 1999! A lonely man is urged by his son to start dating again following the loss of his wife. The man devises an unusual plan to find a woman, but he may not be prepared for the consequences, which are somewhat ghoulish. If you like spoilers, you'll love this review.

Next, we take in one of the most insanely surrealistic movies ever produced, the Alexandro Jodorowsky's Mexican western / meditation on themes of spirituality and rebirth / human deformity exploitation / crazy-ass movie, El Topo! A mysterious gunslinger clad in all black (Jodorowsky himself) attempts to defeat the four greatest gun fighters in the land, and in the process undergoes a mystical transformation. If you like dwarfism on film, this will be a real treat.

Last on the show, we examine the under-seen low-fi musical sci-fi fantasy tribute to burlesque and Russ Meyer, Superstarlet A.D.! Directed by John Michael McCarthy and starring Kerine Elkins (both of The Sore Losers), this Troma-distributed oddity follows one woman's search for her grandmother's historic burlesque film across a surreal post-apocalyptic desert landscape! With plot elements designed to appeal directly to the JFD audience, how could this go wrong?

All this plus witty banter between friends, waiting by telephones, mild Skypeishness, redheads, dwarfs, severed feet, nudie cuties, and so much more!

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