JFD 204: Punk Vacation, Turkey Shoot, Detention

Junk Food Dinner hits up another trio of weird and wild cult flicks this week! No theme show needed - we've got enough to handle this week without one of those crazy themes.

First up, we hit the road and go on a Punk Vacation, from 1990, or 1987, or 1984 or something! This long-delayed low-budget Punks versus Rednecks flick eventually found a home on RaeDon VHS back in the day, and has recently been reissued by Vinegar Syndrome. We dig it out of the archives to see if there's any life left in this underseen town-invasion movie.

Next up, a classic Ozploitation flick from Australian cult king Brian Trenchard-Smith - 1982's Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000)! It's another one of those Most Dangerous Game kind of flicks, but this one has a fat werewolf with a mullet (or is it a lazy bigfeetsman?)

Finally, we get sent to Detention! This 2011 flick from acclaimed Backstreet Boys music video director Joseph Kahn blends genres, invents new visual filmmaking techniques, and trades heavily in 90s references and Dane Cook mugging.

All this plus witty banter between friends, The World Famous Junk Food Dinner Snacks Chat, Cincinnati Dad Porn and Backdoor Burglars, Groucho Parker, Ricky’s SXSW Update, An appreciation for Brian Trenchard-Smith, K-mart Banshees, Time Traveling Bears and so much more!

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