JFD150: Ghost Dad, Devil in Miss Jones 3:
A New Beginning, Surf Nazis Must Die

Behold, Junkies! Another landmark episode! We've hit another milestone in to kick off what we're about to start referring to as Milestone March - it's our 150th episode! Let's dig in!

Up first, we FINALLY (we know you've been waiting) get to tackle a true classic in every sense of the word - GHOST DAD. Bill Cosby is Elliot Hopper overworked and underloved and he's having a rough day! After hailing the cab of a devout satanist, on the way to broker a huge deal for his company - Hopper ends up at the bottom of a river. He doesn't stay there for long as his restless spirit returns to bang his neighbor, freak out old people, and help his son do magic tricks. Sidney Poitier directs this masterpiece from 1990. 

Next - a tour of hell filtered through the lens of the Dark Brothers! What could be better? Did we mention this was a porno with a bouncy (see what we did there?) new wave soundtrack? Lois Ayres is Justine Jones in THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES 3: A NEW BEGINNING!

Finally, another oft requested Troma adventure. The beaches are overrun with gangs (you knew that) but none so notorious as the Surf Nazis. After losing her home to an earthquake and her son to gang violence - Mama Washington wants revenge. And you don't want to get in her way! SURF NAZIS MUST DIE!

All this plus witty banter between friends, complete confidentiality, no police involvement, soundboard antics, Donald Lloyd of the Junk Food Dinner Warehouse, Junk (voice)Mails, DVD & Blu-ray releases, Nerd News and so much more!

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