Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #58

Everybody's favorite cult film podcast, Junk Food Dinner, gets eXXXtreme this week as we skate our way through three Rollerblade™-themed films!

Up first, futuristic switchblade-toting nuns and poorly dubbed cops strap on skates and battle punks and puppets in a post-apocalyptic hell in the amazingly surreal, low-budget straight-to-video exploitation film Roller Blade from 1986 directed by Donald G. Jackson.

Then, a generic young pretty boy from California is forced to move in with his relatives in Cincinnati and prove himself to the locals by taking part in an epic downhill inline skate race in the 1993 teen comedy Airborne, featuring Seth Green and Jack Black.

And finally, Corey Haim and Patricia Arquette team up to take down a gang of rollerblading, drug dealing, white supremacists in the distopian cyber-punk action-drama Prayer of the Rollerboys from 1990.

Also, we have Nerds News, this week's DVD and Blu-Ray releases and much more!

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  1. Funny theme episode. I actually had the same idea on my suggestion list, only mine was an all post-apocalyptic/dystopian rollerblade themed show, so I had SOLARBABIES instead of AIRBORNE. The future's so paved, I gotta wear blades.

    If you guys ever do a sister dystopian skateboarding themed show, SHREDDER'S ORPHEUS is a must. In fact, it's a must anyway.

    I actually emailed Donald G. Jackson many years ago before he died, when he had a geocities site or something. I had found RETURN TO FROGTOWN on green VHS in a video store and become obsessed with it for awhile. TOAD WARRIOR (get it! ROAD WARRIOR...genius!) was listed on IMDB at the time and I wanted to see it real bad, so I went straight to the source. He told me it was finished, but that it didn't have a distributor yet. I waited years, and then finally I got a chance to see it when it was first released on that GIRLS FROM ANOTHER WORLD bargain DVD set a couple of years ago, after Jackson's death. To my disappointment, I discovered that after all those years of waiting it was just a DIY camcorder home movie. Apparently, the Frogtown movie series budget's degenerated exponentially by sequels and by that point Jackson was back down to his no-budget backyard roots, only now it was crappy video instead of 16mm. I haven't seen Jackson's frog song MAX HELL: FROG WARRIOR yet. I'm saving that for a very special rainy day. Also, ROLLERGATOR was on that same DVD set and appears to have been made later that same afternoon, in the same empty construction lot.

  2. Donald G Jackson was the man. Roller Blade is oddly compelling for something so ridiculous


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