JFD151: Video Diary of a Lost Girl, A Million in the Morning, Operation Pink Squad 2

Kevin's off this week to hang out at some SXSW thing in Boston, but Mark and Parker hold things down here with the help of friend of the show, Sean Byron and the JFD Grampa.

First, a girl's supernatural origins cause death for anyone she sleeps with in 2012's "Video Diary of a Lost Girl." We're joined by the director and writers Lindsay Denniberg and Chris Shields to talk about the film, influences, surrealism, Peter North, the benefits of friends in bands and lots more.

Next, a documentary about marathon movie-watching gets derailed by an exhausted, drunken Gavin McInnes in 2010's "A Million in the Morning." Originally meant to be a straight documentary about a Netflix contest to crown a new world record for most movies watched with no sleep, host Gavin McInnes (VICE, Street Carnage) takes the production dangerously off the rails.

Finally, a police sting is crashed by ghosts in the 1987 Hong Kong slapstick comedy "Operation Pink Squad 2." Directed by Jeffrey Lau This flick is beyond crazy from start to finish and features non-chalant turd revelations, air humping, remote control helicopter ghost fighters, elves, ghost rape, toe sucking and so much more.

You'll get all this, Nerd News, DVDs, good times with good dudes and happiness!

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