Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #17

Two episodes of Junk Food Dinner back-to-back?! What is it, your birthday? Nah, we're just making up for lost time after nasty computer viruses set us back a week. Lucky you!

***If you're just catching up, make sure you don't miss our exclusive interview with legendary exploitation film director Frank Henenlotter and our reviews of his films on the previous episode #16 (located just below)!***

This week we get a sleazy taste of Linda Blaire's post-Exorcist exploitation work, when we enjoy the 1984 revenge flick Savage Streets Then we take a look at an unlikely Troma film, when we discuss the stylized black & white ode to cinema of yesteryear, Screamplay from 1985. And finally we get right with God as we suffer through the Christian time-travel morality tale Time Changer from 2002.


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