Ep. 251: The Time Machine, TimeMaster, TimeCrimes

Sci Fi Ebruary comes to a close as we travel through time together!

First up, Rod Taylor plays a man cleverly (?) named H. George Wells, who has invented a time-travelling Laz-E Boy chair. He goes from Victorian England to WWI to the apocalypse ... in 1966. He then says "Fuck it," and goes 800,000 years into the future. It's "The Time Machine," directed by George Pal and based on the novel by the original HG Wells.

Next, it's time travel, the old west, virtual reality, Worf and skiing in a movie that ruined a whole movie studio... "TimeMaster!"

Finally, Spanish film maker Nacho Vigalondo brings time travel on a smaller scale when an average man jumps into a time device to escape a killer, only to emerge a few hours earlier. How does he fix the mess and who was the killer? We find out in TimeCrimes from 2007.

All this plus witty banter between friends, DVDs, Parker's tea bottle makin' some noise, insider Pool Party news, our new favorite voicemailer, chill positivity, correct geography, Cory and so much more!

Direct Donloyd

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