JFD239: Centipede Horror, Going Overboard, Dragon Ball: Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku

We knew the day would come where we would have to face off with the vaunted Randomizer 5000 once again, we just didn't expect it would be so soon. Yet, that day is here. Brace yourself, Junk Food Junkies - the Randomizer's wrath has no reprieve!

First up, we burrow into Sean's own personal insectoid nightmares with the ghoulish and ghastly Centipede Horror (aka Wu Gong Zhou) from 1982! This early CAT-III flick is one of the crazier Hong Kong bugsploitation movies, as that's really saying something. Maybe don't eat a heavy meal before this one, guys.

Next, things go from bad to worse with everyone's favorite funnyman, Adam Sandler, in 1989's Going Overboard! A pre-SNL/pre-fame/pre-funny Sandler somehow landed the lead role in this boat-bound "comedy", including surprising (until you read this) cameos from Billy Zane and Milton Berle! Cats will be slapped.

Lastly, we travel to a subtitle-free zone in South Korea for 1990's Dragon Ball: Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku, an unofficial Korean live-action remake of the original Dragon Ball series. There's a whole lot of awkward touching, and then Gamera shows up to bite some dude's dick. Is this really a kids movie?

All this plus friendly banter between wits, the live results of our JFD 700th Movie Commentary poll, Kevin's Wild and Woolly Video Voyages, Parker's Adventures Throughout the Lucha Underground, Sean's Traumatic Insectoid History, a traffic jam of movie releases, Nerd News, our Junky DVD picks for the week, the latest Vine critiques, Double Sheens, listener calls and Junk Mails, sneezes, boogers and so much more!

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