JFD230: Back to School, Big Man on Campus, Getting In

Put away your cap and gown and grab your caveman toga, because we've graduated from high school week and it's time for a Junk Food Dinner College Party. We've got three flicks this week dedicated to the finer points of higher learning.

First up, Rodney Dangerfield's a lovable, high-diving rich-ass old-man college student in Back to School, from 1986! This classic comedy also features appearances from Oingo Boingo and Sam Kinison, among others.

Next up, we enroll in courses at Notre Dame, er... UCLA, er... USC..? Anyhow, whatever college it is, it certainly has a Hunchback. It's 1989's Big Man on Campus (aka The Hunchback of UCLA)! Some famous television producer decided to make a broad Mike Myers-esque fish-out-of-water comedy and cast himself as a hunchback. Does it improve on the 1939 RKO classic? What great truths does it reveal about the struggles of man in modern society? You'll have to tune in to find out (or just take a guess).

Finally, we unearth an oddly forgotten movie with well-known talent in front of and behind the camera, with 1994's Getting In! Director Doug Liman (Go, Swingers, Bourne Identity) helms this comedic college slasher/mystery starring Kristy Swanson, Dave Chappelle, Andrew McCarthy, Matthew Perry, and Calista Flockheart. Spoiler alert, but the Tarman sorta appears as well.

All this plus the wittiest banter between friends, Weak-ass Halloween Stores, the Ebola Virus, Our man Leonard from Wyoming, Big October JFD News, Fact-Checking on Bloody Disgusting, The Zabka Factor, Hunchback Homoeroticism, Pseudo-Tarmans, burps, sneezes, boogers and so much more!

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