JFD136: Crank, American Hunter, Bulletproof

This week we give thanks to bullets, punches and explosions as we look at three testosterone-filled action flicks.

First, hitman Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) has been poisoned by some Chinese shit and has to get revenge before his heart stops in 2006's "Crank," directed by the team of Neveldine & Taylor. The cast also features Dwight Yoakum, Amy Smart and Efrem Ramirez (Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite").

Next, everyone is looking for the mico film and everyone gets punched in "American Hunter" from 1990. Directed by Arizal and starring Chris Mitchum, this Indonesian movie perfectly combines unintentionally wacky hijinx with bad ass action.

Finally, it's your worst nightmare, Butthorn. Mexican Muslim Communists steal an American tank and only Gary Busey can save the day in "1988's "Bulletproof." Also, Danny Trejo is there for a minute and Fred Olen Ray co-wrote it!

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  1. Hey guys, T.L. Lankford here. Just listened to your riff on BULLETPROOF and can find no fault with it other than this: when this movie was written and filmed neither Lethal Weapon or Die Hard had been released. Gary Busey actually began filming BULLETPROOF just a few days after completing Lethal Weapon. So Bulletproof could not have been ripping off either of those films. I guess we were all drinking from the same pond.


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