Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #42

Just in time for your snow day, JFD42 is hot chocolate for your ears! Hot, waxy, ear chocolate.

Speaking of wax, we kick things off with 1988's "Waxwork" (featuring a whole slew of folks from Junk Food Movies past). Rolling right along, we've got J. M. McCarthy's 1997 psychobilly, sci-fi, romp "The Sore Losers." Last, but far from least, we revisit a childhood favorite in the culty gumbo that is "Night of the Creeps" from 1986.

We've also got Nerd News, DVD releases, and Parker's deep-rooted bathroom issues!

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  1. Sweet, I love love love Creeps.

    Waxwork is one that I always wanted to watch as a kid just because of the box art, but mom & dad wouldn't let me... and I never got around to seeing it. Never heard of Sore Losers.

  2. listening to the show, I see this is the common experience.

  3. I think WAXWORK I & II are a lot of fun (and have great poster/video box art). I'm a big fan of Anthony Hickox's genre stuff. He had a really cool run of things there for awhile from the late 80's into the early 90's, making some fun favorites of mine. He starred as an actor in the classic LOBSTER MAN FROM MARS (not to mention also later THE GRANNY), and directed WAXWORK I & II, SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT, WARLOCK II, HELLRAISER III and the werewolf cop action movie FULL ECLIPSE. If nothing else, both LOBSTER MAN FROM MARS and SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT much deserve consideration for a future JFD podcast.

    I've never heard of THE SORE LOSERS, so I was glad to hear about it. It sounds very promising. This reminds me of a really cool and obscure avant-garde/experimental 80's independent film I found on video one time called; THE PASSING (1985). It has also ended up on one of those generic and misleading multi genre film collecton bargain DVD sets from BCI (this one called BITE NIGHT).

    And Fred Dekker's filmography-that-never-was is one of the great Hollywood engendered deprivings leveled against our generation. He made 2 of the best American genre films of the 1980's before he was even out of his 20's (not to mention his HOUSE I & II connection)! How did nobody see how talented this guy was at the time, regardless of box office success, and give him more opportunities? Even ROBOCOP 3 is fun.


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