Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #25

Put on your tap dancing shoes and your sparkly vest, because Episode #25 of your favorite cult movie podcast is here!

This week it's all dancing, all singing with three outrageous cult musicals.

Up first we have Brian De Palma's mash-up of The Phantom of The Opera and 70's rock excess, when we take a look at 1974's Phantom of the Paradise.

Then we get trapped in a stylized TV studio / mental asylum, when we explore the follow-up to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment from 1981.

And finally, we see a star-studded cast battle a man-eating plant in a musical update of a Roger Corman classic, in 1986's Little Shop of Horrors.

Also, we have Nerds News, this week's DVD and Blu-Ray releases and much more!


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