JFD94: The Last American Virgin, Intruder, Warlock

Junk Food Dinner is rushing in your house to break your furniture and take the long-lost anicent tomes within!

Up first, a group of teenage friends struggle with love, sex and heartbreak in the 1982 comedy "The Last American Virgin."

Then, the employees of a closing supermarket are terrorized by a mysterious killer while working overnight in the 1989 horror film "Intruder," co-starring Ted and Sam Raimi.

And finally, a male witch from the 17th century travels to the present while being chased by a witch hunter in the fantasy thriller "Warlock," from 1989. The movie starts Julian Sands and was directed by Steve Miner.

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  1. 'Where the Red Fern Grows' jokes ALWAYS go over amazingly. Loved it.


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