JFD96: Twigger's Holiday, Electra, The Great Alligator River

Just like a white winged dove, Junk Food Dinner is back! Not the best opening line, but, hey it's been a rough week. Let's get it going!

Up first we examine Rob Schrab's surreal, childlike, musical, funny, and only slightly annoying TWIGGER'S HOLIDAY featuring Satan, Dan Harmon, hot moms, puppets, songs (co-written by Liam Lynch) and a whole slew of effects. Rob crafted this colorful coming of age series for the amazing Channel 101 back in 2004.

Second, it's more hot moms and weird "science" as we try and make sense of surely one of the strangest films we've covered in a while - ELECTRA. Shannon Tweed is Lorna, stepmother to a very special boy named Billy. Well, not so much a boy as a dopey, shirtless, early 20 year old who has a very special, very powerful serum pumping through his blood. After Lorna is kidnapped by the evil Roach, it's up to Billy and his girlfriend to set her free and keep Roach from getting the superhuman formula.

Lastly, we travel deep into the heart of the jungle. A billionaire has decided to set up a luxury hotel in the pristine wetlands and in the process awakens a huge alligator which takes the opportunity to feast on natives and tourists alike. Angered at the destruction these interlopers have caused to their peaceful village, the natives launch an attack of their own leading to a bloody finale. Mel Ferrer and Barbara Bach head up the cast with a soundtrack by the (always) great Stelvio Cipriani - Sergio Martino's THE GREAT ALLIGATOR RIVER rounds out this episode.

All this plus witty banter between friends, rock 'n roll music, glitchy Skype noise, Nerd News, DVD & Blu-ray releases, and so much more!

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