JFD145: The Day my Kid Went Punk, Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool, For Safety's Sake

We're joined by friend of the show Sean Byron and Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival this week to discuss the art of discovering ironic classics, not on youtube, but by scouring thrift stores and garage sales. Then we watch some ourselves.

First, a young man is diagnosed with punk syndrome in the 1987 after-school special "The Day My Kid Turned Punk." Jay Underwood (Uncle Buck, The Boy Who Could Fly) plays the titular punk who trades in his violin for safety pins and leather, but not drugs and anarchy.

Then, bodyguard-turned-actor Mr. T gives us abso-ludicrous life and fashion advice in "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool" from 1984. One of the classic "found footage" gems, this movie teaches kids to "recoup" and vaguely threatens them to be somebody.

Finally, Gary Coleman is an omnipresent being, drunk on the power of keeping you safe, in 1986's "For Safety's Sake." In a video that could really only succeed in scaring the crap out of kids, Coleman shows us every possible way we could die horribly while doing mundane activities.

You're gonna like this episode. I guarantee it.

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  1. Please let us know how to get a copy of The Day My Kid Went Punk

  2. Jorge, send us an e-mail at JFDPodcast@gmail.com

  3. Just listened to the episode. I got a kick out of "Doanld Lloyd" in the T-shirt commercial. That's a smart joke.

  4. Good show! Actually I'm still listening so it could turn out shitty, but the convo with Found Footage guy was great.

    On the subject of Winnebago Man, one of the best pieces of MMA trivia is the Jack Rebney's son, Bjorn Rebney, is the Founder and CEO of Bellator MMA, the #2 MMA organization, after UFC. He did an in-depth interview on Sherdog Radio a while back, and at one point he touched on what it was like having Winnebago Man as a father. Shockingly, his childhood was somewhat "chaotic". If you want to hear the interview, just google sherdog rewind bjorn rebney.

  5. I am LOVING this show. So glad I found it! Where'd you find a copy of the Mr T and the Day My Son Turned Punk? I've been on the hunt for a while!!!

    1. Thanks!! It's been a while since we've done this show, so I kinda forget. You can for sure find them on Cinemageddon and I think they're both probably on youtube.


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