Junk Food Dinner 69: CHUD Audio Commentary!

In celebration of our 200th movie reviewed, we'll be doing an audio commentary for a movie picked by the listeners! So, go grab some popcorn and your copy of "C.H.U.D." and feast your eyes on this sub-par tale of subterranean subhumans with us!

We don't recommend listening to this episode without watching "CHUD," as it's a commentary, but if you want to, we certainly can't stop you. We'll be back next week with our normal gig, 3 movies, Nerd News and all that jazz.

Direct Mp3 download!

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  1. Which version of C.H.U.D. is this? I have the VHS which is totally different from the DVD edit...

    - Rustyn242

    1. This is the DVD copy. Not sure if there's more than 1 DVD version. If so, it's whatever version Netflix uses.


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