JFD328: Cobra Verde, Bloodsport, Heathers

Totally radical! #JFDecades chugs right along as we pull into the glitzy 1980's with three very different films!

Up first, Klaus Kinski plays Francisco Manoel da Silva, an outlaw who is sent on an impossible mission of re-opening the slave trade in Western Africa after he is caught impregnating 3 of a wealthy sugar baron's daughters. Needless to say, things get pretty real in Werner Herzog's 1987 epic Cobra Verde. 

Then, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Frank Dux, a real-life martial arts expert who goes AWOL from the military in order to compete in an illegal Kumite martial-arts tournament in Hong Kong. He befriends Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds and has to face-off against Bolo Yeung (AKA Chinese Hercules) in 1988's Bloodsport.

Finally, Winona Ryder plays a suburban Ohio high schooler who runs with a clique of preppy girls all named Heather. But when a bad boy new student played by Christian Slater rolls into town, the two of them team up to take out the Heathers (and anyone else who rubs them the wrong way) in murderous fashion. Michael Lehmann (Meet the Applegates, Airheads) directs Heathers from 1988.

All this, plus drive-in chat, concerts in the grave yard,  Nerd News about who Werner Herzog likes , blu-rays of the week, voicemails from Sweetman, real talk about slavery, and so much more.


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