JFD225: Tintorera: Killer Shark, Jaws 3-D, Sharknado 2

Junk Food Dinner wades into schlock-infested waters as Shock and Awegust transforms into SHARK & JAWSGUST for a week! Guest Faith Von Awesome joins us this week while Kevin's in Boston - and one of us doesn't survive the episode!

First up, a swinging bachelor hits the high-seas for cocaine fueled orgies and intermittent shark violence in 1977's Tintorera: Killer Shark! This Mexisploitation flick stars Hugo Stiglitz and is notable for being one of the first Jaws rip-offs, as well as being one of the few softcore shark films. It's also kind of like a Cannibal Holocaust for sharks, if you know what I mean. 

Next, we tackle the perhaps-not-the-best but-definitely-the-most-3-dimension Jaws sequel, Jaws 3-D from 1983! It's got Louis Gossett Jr., Dennis Quaid, and Lea Thompson running around a strangely prophetic SeaWorld, but does it have any sharks?

Finally, we check in with the second in what's sure to be a long-running annual tradition from Asylum Films, 2014's Sharknado 2! Noted scribe Thunder Levin delivers a script crammed with celebrity cameos, movie parodies, and sharks, but can critical darling Anthony C. Ferrante retain his auter spirit while operating in the Shark/Weather subgenre? And what artistic choice lead him to film this summer-set movie in February snow-bound NYC?

All this plus witty banter between friends, the saddest nerd newses, disco dancing, getting eaten by sharks, tanlines aplenty, burps, sneezes and so much more!


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