JFD196: Demon of the Lute, Basket Case 2, Zapped Again

Break out your swords, grab your Siamese twin and zap some girl's shirt off using your telekinetic powers because Junk Food Dinner #196 is here! And this week we feature the classic JFD lineup as our brother Mark Freado returns!

Up first, Mark bring us Demon of the Lute from 1983, a martial arts fantasy flick geared towards kids. This insane Shaw Brothers epic features tons of colorful badasses pulling off some of the craziest choreographed fight scenes ever committed to film.

Then, we revisit Frank Henenlotter's classic Basket Case series with the second entry Basket Case 2. Immediately following the events of the first film (although 8 years later in real life), Duane and his deformed, separated, murderous Siamese twin Belial are taken in my a deranged granny in her home of hideous freaks.

Finally, we take a look at another sequel to an early 80's cult hit that took years to get around to, Zapped Again from 1990. Once again, a geeky high school kid gets ahold of a magic potion that gives him the ability to telekineticly take girls' clothes off. As you can imagine, hijinx (and cameos by Linda Blair and Karen Black) ensue.

All this plus witty banter between friends, cyber bullying, Nerd News, this week's DVD and blu-ray releases, The Memphis Maniac, Sean's exotic culinary adventures and so much more!


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