Junk Food Dinner 53

Junk Food Dinner returns after a horrible, accidental hiatus. This episode is the first of a pair of Listener Appreciation shows where we check out movies recommended by fans.

Up first, we talk "Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki," a 1991 Hong Kong action flick about a man stuck in prison that's full of gore and bloody explosions and hand mutilations.

Then we take a look at another martial arts flick, albeit less violent and more funky, in 1985's "The Last Dragon," the story of Leroy Green and his struggle against a greedy arcade owner and one of the coolest villains of all time, Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem.

Finally, Parker shares a dark, shameful secret as we examine 1985's "The Stuff," a horror flick about an evil white goo that eats people from the inside out.

No Nerd News or DVDs this week, just a streamlined flash of excitement and exploding hands.

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  1. ooh a shoutout and a Riki-Oh review!

    good one. wouldn't even have known it was a re-do if you hadn't told us.

  2. I haven't seen RIKI-OH yet, but I just happened to watch THE CAT (1992) the other day by the same director. Now, I thought I'd seen some wild and crazy Hong Kong films in my time, as they are one of my favorite things, but THE CAT earns an immediate top spot on my all-time Hong Kong WTF list!? Who was this film suppose to appeal to exactly? Sci-fi/Horror/Action/Comedy fans or cats and dogs in the audience? Maybe both. It's borderline incoherent and too whacked to even begin to describe; hence, it must be seen! If only for the bizarre and hilarious 10min(?) junkyard fight scene between the alien space cat and the huge killer dog, using puppets, stop-motion and real animals! Looking up the director afterwards, I found out that he not only did RIKI-OH, but also THE SEVENTH CURSE, PEACOCK KING, SAGA OF THE PHOENIX, and GHOST SNATCHERS, all of which have been at the top of my HK crazy kung-fu fantasy films-to-watch list for a couple years now. You couldn't throw a dart without hitting something tailor-made for a JFD theme show on this guy's filmography.

    Also, THE STUFF wasn't one of the films I suggested, as you said on the show, but that's ok. I do like it, but I figured it was already a well-known and obvious contender. If I was going to suggest a Larry Cohen film that I've seen, it would probably have been IT'S ALIVE III: ISLAND OF THE ALIVE, because who knew?, but then again I've never seen the first two.


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