JFD222: Men Behind the Sun, Tetsuo, the Iron Man, The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer

What's that terrible smell coming from the basement of Junk Food Dinner studios? It's the unmistakable stench of GHOUL SUMMER! You sick fucks asked for it, so now you've got it! TWO WEEKS of Ghoul Summer this year. And we're kicking things off correctly by bringing in a professional ghoul, The Memphis Maniac(!) to pick our three ghoulish features this week.

Up first, while the Nazis get all the ghoulish attention, The Men Behind the Sun from 1988 shows that the Japanese were up to some serious ghoulish shit during World War II as well.. This Chinese film tells the tale of Squadron 731, a prison camp where Japanese soldiers and scientists commit gruesome atrocities against prisoners. This flick also earns bonus ghoul points for using real cadavers and animal cruelty. 

Next, Shin'ya Tsukamoto smacks us upside the skull with his frantic, industrial horror art flick Tetsuo, the Iron Man  from 1989 about a man whose body begins to transform into machinery. Shot in black & white and at a breakneck pace, this tight and abrasive film starts out nuts and never lets up.

Finally, shortly after the arrest of one of the most notorious serial killers, the low-budget horror flick The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer was released in 1993 in an attempt to cash in on the morbid curiosity surrounding the crimes at the time. Directed by David R. Bowen and starring Carl Crew as the Milwaukee cannibal, this crude flick, despite it's shortcomings, found its way onto a surprising amount of video store shelves due to its sensational nature.

All this plus witty banter between ghouls, apes with machine guns, metal songs, Nerd News, Blu-rays, Chick Tracks, The Mephis Maniac pissing and so much more!


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