JFD92: Blood Lake, Roller Boogie, Shakes the Clown

Junk Food Dinner is all up on your person with another thrilling, chilling, and some other adjective episode! A veritable cornucopia of genres and subject matter this week as we try and wrap our gigantic brains around three extremely different films!

Up first, the terror takes hold as we join a bunch of yahoos on a vacation trip of a lifetime...or should we say DEATHTIME. No, you're right, lifetime is better. It's a real word at least. Tim Boggs' BLOOD LAKE from 1987 is the subject of much debate and provides one of the finest new sound clips for our ever growing arsenal. Who will survive this weekend of pure mayhem?

Next, Linda Blair be looking good as usual! ROLLER BOOGIE from 1979 teaches us about the passion for passing fads as well as fashion and the dangers of performing near pools. Director Mark Lester (COMMANDO, CLASS OF 1984) rolls a cast of lovable misfits into our homes and hearts with this goofy time capsule.

Finally, show favorite Bobcat Goldthwait writes/directs/and stars in the cult classic SHAKES THE CLOWN. After losing his girl, his agent, and alienating most of the clown community Shakes must prove he's not just some bozo and clean up his act. Julie Brown, Adam Sandler, and Tom Kenny round out this class of cut ups in this dark comedy from 1991.

All this plus witty banter between friends, sad music with lyrics by Edgar Allen Poe, glitchy Skype noise, soundboard antics, terrible advice, Junk Mail, Nerd News, DVD & Blu-ray releases, and so much more!

Direct Clownload Here.

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  1. can't believe Parker hadn't seen, and once he had seen it, didn't like Shakes the Clown.

    fucking blasphemy


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