JFD383: Lady in a Cage, Midnight Cowboy, Cemetery Man

Crawl on up outta the water, creepy Patreon pals! It's our slimy Dom Deluise patreon donors show! This week we're delivering you three reviews of wild cult flicks chosen exclusively by our $10 a month donors! If you don't know about that jazz yet be sure to check out our world-famous Patreon Page. It'll be the one good thing you can feel good about this year.

First up! Our man Paul M's got an unexpectly rough sixties flick to send our way. It's the proto-home-invasion thriller Lady in a Cage from 1964, starring Olivia de Havilland and a young James Caan. When a rich, lonesome housewife is stuck in her in-home elevator system, all bets are off and just about any drunk dude could show up to steal her wine. Look out for creepy facemasks!

Next! It's 1969's coming-to-the-city, coming-of-age, coming-in-a-movie-theater-seat classic Midnight Cowboy, and it's really wild we haven't covered this one yet. Jon Voight plays a male gigolo cowboy, guided through the mean streets of New York by Dustin Hoffman. You know, something we can all relate to. Thanks to Elise for picking this classic!

Finally, there aren't any monster fishmen to be found in 1994's Cemetery Man, although that might be the only creepy plot device not to surface in this weirdo flick. Michele Soavi's surreal graveyard-set Italian horror flick blends several surprise elements into a single spookshow - including floating severed heads! And if you don't like it, well, it's all listener Brandon's fault!

All this plus witty banter between reunited podcats, reaching out to that ASMR community, Matthew Sweetman shampoos our hair, Sean Byron or Sean Bronson?, our main man in Austin Ricky, Sloppy Seconds Chat (a new segment), Unspiking television networks, how in the world did we all accept that Manswers was a real TV show?, just how gross are the creeps in the cult film community?, Parker's ever-increasing maturity level, the secret history of Punchliners, our weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, the unfortunate specter of police involvement, all-wet sneezes, super-mega belches, sideways armpit farts, the retold benefits of podcasting, unbrominated vegetable gleeks and a whole lot more!

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