JFD382: My Stepmother is an Alien / My Mom's a Werewolf / Stepmonster

We're back with a supernatural mom theme show and this week, we got the Sweetman with us LIVE in the studio, filling in for Sean Byron!

First, Kim Basinger comes to Earth to seduce Dan Aykroyd and learn his science secrets in "My Stepmother is an Alien."

Next, John Saxon bites a mom's feet, turning her into a lycanthrope in "My Mom's a Werewolf."

Finally, a creature captures a mom and steals her husband in "Stepmonster," starring Corey Feldman!

All this plus Nerd News! Sad Nerd News, DVDs, Getting to know Sweetman, Halloween Chat and 100 other things!

Donloyd Here

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  1. Well apart from film,I just completely disagree that step moms are always a monster. Some good people also do exist in the world and this is completely their insult.


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