JFD252: Eyewitness Murders, Trancers, Sorcerer

Coffee or orange juice? It's an age old question, and one that we may or may not answer on the show this week. Also: we cover three crazy, and crazy different movies in this bombastic non-themed episode of Junk Food Dinner! It's a love letter to ambition!

First up! We venture into uncharted waters, with the not-listed-on-IMDB Eyewitness Murders, from 1988! The directorial debut of Jason Holt (Desperation Rising), this obscure shot-on-video horror movie chronicles the descent into madness of a former Vietnam veteran trying to make a low-budget documentary on the sex workers of Los Angeles. But is it even a movie? We'll discuss!

Up next, we discuss a real "Lost" Angeles film (the second of two in this very episode!) - 1984's Trancers from Charles Band and Empire Pictures. A time traveling cop named Jack Deth hunts down a psychic zombie overlord, or something. Helen Hunt wears a Confederate Flag jacket in it, if you'd believe it.

Finally, we unearth a buried near-classic, William Friedkin's Sorcerer from 1977. This tense thriller revolves around a band of criminal misfits teaming up for a dangerous transportation mission deep in the South American jungle. For a variety of reasons, this film was barely seen and critically panned on its initial release, but that hasn't stopped an army of JFD listeners from suggesting we check it out!

All this plus witty banter between friends, Wrestling Talk, Bran Lee (???) from Loomis, California, Parker Bowman’s Fist Church, Nerd News, Nightcrawler Brawlers, Extra Small Milk, Double Puns, This Week’s DVD Picks, Ohio Swingers, Insurance Humor, Bad Vaginas, Roy Scheider’s Hell in a Cell, Face to Face Chats, the part where we predict Harrison Ford's plane crash, Listener Junkmail, absolute confidentiality, continued lack of police involvement, sneezes, belches, gleeks and a whole lot more!

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  1. Sean once again proves why he's my favorite, he loves "Blade Runner", doesn't want the sequel, AND mentions the Amiga computer.

    Meanwhile, Parker once again proves why he's a philistine, no appreciation of the classics: "Alien", "Blade Runner", "Sorcerer", "Bring Me the Head of Diego Garcia", etc....

    1. I said "Alien" was perfect aside from being slow in the first act and having too many cat scares (the latter is undeniable). Also, it's ALFREDO Garcia and I said it was OK.

      Blade Runner can still get bent, though.

  2. "Blade Runner can still get bent, though."

    Like a said: Philistine.

    "Also, it's ALFREDO Garcia"

    I was just testing you. You still fail though, for not liking it.

  3. I liked the comparison of the driving speed of the trucks in Sorcerer & the everyday driving in Ohio`s winter roads.


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