JFD374: Faces of Death IV, Red to Kill, Sick: the Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

You can't wait 'til summer? Because it's gonna be a summer of ghouls? Hey now? It's this week's episode of Junk Food Dinner! We kick off our two-week tribute to the ghastliest and grossest flicks to watch in the sweatiest parts of the summertime, our own personal S&M trip: Week One of GHOUL SUMMER starts now! And to help us kick things off, we're joined by very special guest, cinematographer Brian Sowell (Sequence Break, Beyond the Gates)! And did we mention these movies were all suggested to us by our Patreon Donors? Those dudes pick some creepy flicks.

First up! The fourth installment in the venerable series of ghoul-classics that in some senses started the entire ghoul craze as we know it today, Faces of Death IV, from 1990, finds new and interesting ways to surprise us, and we talk about some of the more insensitive ways in which it did so.

Next! 1994's Red to Kill is more artful than your typical Hong Kong CAT-III movie, but that doesn't mean it has any less sequences featuring the rape of the mentally disabled. In fact, it has several. But that mood lighting, though!

Finally, who could forget Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Super-Masochist. This film, from 1997, is well beloved by all, most importantly Parker. It's a real eye-opener (and dick-smasher) of a movie. You gotta see it!

All this plus witty banter between fiends, ghoulish on-set experiences, ghoulish drowning stories, ghoulish studio executives, dallas suicide club, buying gore by the sheets, your weekly news and Blu-ray Picks, a profound lack of noted police involvement, half-wet sneezes, mega belches, almost-decrepit erections, the dangers of ghouldom, well-brominated mineral gleeks and a whole lot more!

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