JFD116: Bean, Terrifying Girls High School: Lynch Law Classroom, Nuns on the Run

On the last episode, we each picked 10 (mostly awful) movies and put the whole list into the JFD Randomizer 2000. It ate up the list and crapped out this week's movies!

First up, Rowan Atkinson brings funny faces and weird grunting to America in "Bean: The Movie" from 1997. The film concerns the titular Mr. Bean leaving England for Los Angeles and getting mistaken for a an art professor. Hilarity ensues!

Then, things go exactly like the title suggests in 1973's Pinky Violence film "Terrifying Girls High School: Lynch Law Classroom." School girl gangs, bloodletting, peeing panties, blackmail, this flick's got it all!

Finally, we discover the place where comedy goes to die: 1990's "Nuns on the Run" starring Eric Idle, Rose's mom from "Dr. Who," and the big bearded dude from "Harry Potter." A couple of criminals need to pretend to be nuns after stealing some cash. Hilarity ensues!


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  1. This is fucking stupid. But I like the randomizer, but BEAN... Never though I would find THAT in a junk episode.

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