JFD279: Walking Tall (2004), The Birds II: Land's End (1994), Rollerball (2002)

Last week we covered a trio of respected cult classics, and this week we tackle their remakes. With the second time be a charm? Or will we encounter some sophomore slumps? Tune in and we'll find out together.

First up! WWE Films debut feature remakes the story of Buford Pusser, a former professional wrestler-turned-Sheriff in rural Tennessee with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Only this time, he's an ex-marine in the Pacific Northwest, and his name's Chris Vaughn. Oh, and Johnny Knoxville was there. For some reasons? It's the 2004 remake of Walking Tall!

Up next! Sean might've "Freado'd his pick" this week, but if you're really into Lifetime Channel movies, this might've been a smart gambit. It's the 1994 TV movie The Birds II: Land's End, starring a guy who takes his shirt off! Set in the same house as the original, with pretty much the same plot as the original, this sequel features marital difficulties and soft-lens photography. It's emotional!

Finally! If you don't remember who Chris Klein is, be prepared to get painfully reintroduced to his filmography via 2002's Rollerball remake! Reconfigured to take place in the present-day "Central Asia" instead of a dystopian future, this remake resembles the original mostly in name only. Paul E. Dangerously is the color commentator - does that do anything for you? It's a movie.

All this plus witty banter between friends, Nerd News, DVDs, Downer's Grove chats, hot plates chats, a caller from West Virginnie, hhoul innovations from The Ghoulfather, the sweetest caller in Podcast Town, Goonies LARPing, relaxing entertainment, Sk-krrzz-zz-kype N-rrrzz-oise, a couple guys who worked on Franco, a whole lot of night-vision, absolute confidentiality, continued lack of police involvement, sneezes, belches, gleeks and a whole lot more!

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