JFD201: Sci-Fi Ebuary II: Week Four - Invisible Mens! The Invisible Dead, Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Kevin’s on assignment in Boston this week, so we got the boys from Bloodbaths & Boomsticks to check out a few Invisibility-related flicks with us! Join Parker, Sean, Kyle, and Tim as we close out the second annual Sci-Fi Ebuary!

First up, The Invisible Dead (aka Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster), from 1970! This Wizard Video big box VHS classic with the great zombie cover artwork is neither great nor zombie-related, but it features more than one amusingly head-scratching scene. It’s French, and wasn’t directed by Jess Franco, although it wants you to think otherwise. Oh yeah, and be careful because we spoil the shit out of this movie!

Next up, a surprise sequel to the Charles Band masterwork Manborg, Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll disappear as the mutant mad scientist Dr. Drago battles the Mandroid in this Romanian-set oddity.

Finally, we totally piss off old Alan Moore by even talking about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , a movie with a huge steampunk following, including Parker Bowman. Sean Connery ended his career with this summer flop-buster, and we’ll end our Sci-Fi Ebuary with it.

All this plus witty banter between friends, Invisible Mens, rape wagons, Charles Band Chat, technical difficulties, The Return of Robo-Sean, Bloodbaths & Boomsticks, more bongos, ridiculous primates, and transvestite super-heroes from the Chinese Ministry of Finance. and so much more!

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  1. LXG was a fucking disgrace. Cause it was based on a Great Comic and it missed the boat completly. And taken as such, it's horrible. Funny thing is, I got the DVD for the 2 bucks and everytime I'm about to watch it i'm all like "this time it may be good" then I watch it and my soul and mind dies.

    For non-comic fans to understand, it's like our Sergant Pepper's Lonely Club where the Beatles were nowhere to be found.


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